Tyre Sealant

Tyre sealant is a flat tyre-proofing preventive measure for pneumatic tyres. It prevents most flat tyres due to punctures and air leakage. Rim and bead air leaks are also practically eliminated. 

Liquid sealant is a reliable puncture sealing material greatly reducing flat tyres caused by pointed or sharp objects.

It is designed for plants and equipment that operate in harsh environments preventing downtime due to tyre punctures. TFI sealant is used by various industries, from landfills and quarries to recycling and waste transfer stations. A growing market for tyre sealant is for all Terrain vehicles, golf buggies and lawnmowers.

By treating your plant and equipment tyres with TFI sealant you will see a reduction in overall tyre expenditure and costly downtime. TFI sealant works by sealing the puncture instantly and ensures that you are maintaining the correct operating pressures. TFI sealant is capable of sealing cuts up to 12mm and can be used pre puncture and post puncture.

Our product is environmentally friendly and water soluble.