Fleet Inspection For Your Tyres

What are fleet inspections?

Our fleet inspection service assesses the maintenance requirements of your fleet. Our team of industry experts  will come to your worksite to inspect the condition of every tyre.

After a thorough review, we provide you with an accurate estimate for tyre maintenance requirements. Estimates are based on the work conditions and current state of the tyres themselves.

How often should I book a tyre inspection?

We highly recommend a fleet inspection is carried out every three months. For worksites with high usage rates, we recommend tyre inspections are carried out on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

A fleet inspection can be booked at a time that suits your business. We understand that inspections and maintenance can result in unwanted equipment downtime. That’s why we strive to book inspection times that accommodate your business’s operation schedule.

Why choose Tradefaire for your next tyre inspection?

An easy solution for meeting OHS maintenance requirements

Tyre replacement  can be forecasted in advance to reduce equipment downtime

Replacement tyres will be in stock and ready to install when you need them

New tyres are replaced when needed, not prematurely, improving your CPH rates

Contact our one of our team for more information or call 1300 916 556 to book an inspection.

All Your Tyre Services In One Place

Here at Tradefaire, we have you covered for all the tyre service you need. We’re experts on all things related to industrial tyres. If it’s round, rubber, and goes on an industrial vehicle, we know about it. Our tyre services include:

Expert advice – We can recommend the ideal tyres for your machines, industry, and business.

Onsite tyre fitting –  with our fleet of purpose built service trucks and certified tyre technicians We can deliver your order to your premises and fit the tyres on your machines for you in a safe and timely manner .

Fleet inspection – We can let you know the condition of all the tyres in your fleet and when they will need replacing.