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When buying truck tyres, you deserve the peace of mind that you’re not only getting the right tyre for your truck, but that the tyre comes to you from a reputable company with a track record of excellent service.

Tradefaire (TFI) have spent years providing top-notch service for the purchase of all types of truck tyres. We take great pride in what we do and are always here to answer your tyre questions. Our experienced staff focus on your needs and go out of their way to meet your requirements. With a national distribution network, we have the tools and expertise to fit your tyres and get you on the move in no time.


Our Tyres

At TFI, we are proud to be the sole distributor of Durun truck tyres in Australia.

The Durun brand is recognised for its outstanding performance, with over 200 tyre sizes available for worldwide distribution. Duran’s commitment to producing quality tyres can be seen in their investment in state-of-the-art tyre testing equipment that has been imported from the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and Japan.

Durun are committed to producing excellent quality tyres with each pattern carefully designed to suit the purpose of its application. Prior to shipment, each tyre is balanced and x-rayed to check for abnormalities. Durun also allows each tyre to cool for 12 to 13 minutes at its recommended pressure to promote perfect uniformity. At TFI, we supply Durun tyres so that our customers can rest assured that they are riding on a superior tyre that will go the distance.

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Durun YTH1 is designed as an all purpose on and off road tyre suitable for Australian conditions.  It is an all position tyre with the capability to perform both on and off road.

Durun YTH4  is for a wide range of applications and offers excellent mileage in high speed applications as well as urban use.

Durun YTH6 use tread compounds which offer increased tyre stiffness to improve road handling.  Its high density blading gives improved braking and wet weather performance.

Durun YTH8 is premium highway drive tyre offering high levels of traction and braking whilst reducing wear and tear.  This tyre profile offers lower rolling resistance and ensures casing integrity and retreadability.

Durun YT909 optimised bead and belt package ensures durability with excellent self cleaning tread design.


How to Get the Best Performance after You Buy Truck Tyres

New tyres give your vehicle new life – but to get the most out of them, they need to last. This longevity hinges mostly on one thing: inflation. Proper inflation is not only helpful for fuel economy and handling; it’s critical to ensuring the safety of your vehicle. Underinflated and overinflated tyres create different problems, with both changing the shape of the tyre.

Tyres are carefully designed with layers and features that work properly only if the tyre maintains the correct shape. If the shape of the tyre is incorrect, this changes how the load is spread across the tyre, as well as how much stress is put on each element. Changing the shape can also impact the vehicle’s stability – especially on vehicles that are sensitive to uneven loads.


Overinflation results in uneven wear by creating a tyre with a bulge in the centre. Uneven wear means the shoulders of the tyre carry less load than the middle and the middle bears the brunt of any heat build-up. In this scenario, traction and handling are also compromised. It doesn’t take much to do this – even 10 percent over the recommended inflation pressure is enough to cause problems for your tyres. At TFI, we help you get the best performance from your vehicle by installing the right tyres at a truck tyre price that is competitive and fair.


Underinflation is a common problem for tyres and is just as damaging as overinflation. Instead of a bulge, your tyre is spread out further than intended, putting undue wear on the shoulders. This will cause excessive heat build-up and rapid shoulder wear. Underinflation also results in the centre of the tyre becoming damaged from the excess friction. In the worst case scenario, underinflation will cause belt edge separation or casing fatigue. When you buy truck tyres from TFI, we will ensure they are properly inflated, improving the longevity of your tyre.


TFI Your Truck Tyre Specialists

At TFI, we’re not kidding when we say we know truck tyres. Whether you’re looking for medium/long haul tyres, short haul tyres, or short haul mining truck tyres, we have a wide range to meet your needs. With such a large range of truck tyres for sale in various sizes and features, you will drive away knowing that your tyres are of the highest quality and in an optimal condition to keep you safe on the road.

Our experienced team is only too happy to advise you on the best and most appropriate tyres to suit your truck in its working environment. We are here to help you Australia-wide.

Give TFI a call today on 1300 916 556 or contact [email protected] to find out more.