Leading Rubber Tracks Suppliers in Australia

Rubber tracks are essential components of various machinery, providing traction, stability, and durability in demanding conditions. In Australia, where industries such as agriculture, forestry, mining, construction, and material handling rely heavily on heavy-duty machinery, the quality of rubber tracks is crucial. Tradefaire, as a leading supplier of rubber tracks, understands this importance and offers a wide range of superior products to meet the diverse needs of these industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are rubber tracks, and how are they different from other types of tracks?


Rubber tracks are continuous tracks made of rubber that are used on vehicles such as excavators, skid steers, and agricultural machinery. They differ from other types of tracks, such as steel tracks, in that they provide better traction, reduced ground damage, and improved ride comfort.


Why should I choose rubber tracks for my excavator?


Rubber tracks are a popular choice for excavators due to their versatility and performance. They offer better traction on various surfaces, reduced noise, and less ground damage compared to steel tracks. Additionally, rubber tracks are more comfortable for the operator and can improve fuel efficiency.


Are rubber tracks suitable for all types of excavators?


Rubber tracks are available for a wide range of excavators, from mini excavators to large construction machines. They are designed to fit different makes and models, providing a customised solution for various applications.


Where can I find reliable suppliers of rubber tracks in Australia?


Tradefaire is a leading supplier of rubber tracks in Australia, offering a comprehensive range of products for excavators and other heavy machinery. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Tradefaire is the preferred choice for businesses across the country.


What are the benefits of choosing rubber tracks from a reputable supplier?


Choosing rubber tracks from a reputable supplier like Tradefaire ensures that you get high-quality products that are durable and reliable. Reputable suppliers offer a wide range of tracks to fit different machines and applications, as well as expert advice and support.


How do I know if my excavator needs new rubber tracks?


Signs that your excavator may need new rubber tracks include excessive wear, cracks, or tears in the tracks. You may also notice reduced traction or stability, increased vibration, or unusual noise during operation. It’s essential to inspect your tracks regularly and replace them as needed to avoid downtime and potential damage to your machine.


Can I install rubber tracks on my excavator myself, or do I need professional help?


While some operators may be able to install rubber tracks themselves, it’s generally recommended to seek professional help. Installing tracks incorrectly can lead to damage to your machine and compromise safety. Reputable suppliers like Tradefaire offer installation services to ensure that your tracks are fitted correctly and ready for use.