Waste Management Tyres

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TFI offers a quality range of solid OTR and solid skid steer tyres for waste, steel, mining and port applications. To complement the range, TFI provides Wheels, Tyre Fill and Tyre Sealant to improve the life of your industrial tyres.

Special features:

Advanced traction, high quality compounds, cost effective.


TFI recommends TY Cushion Tyres for your waste management tyres.

TY Cushion Tyre derive their sturdy structure from a specially prepared formula that enhances the different functions of its tyre parts. Multi-ply nylon cords are used to reinforce the tyre adhesion to the rim.  Our TY Tyre range have good shock absorption and provide excellent resistance against abrasion and breakage.

TFI offer these tyres in different compounds.  We have our Leachate resistant compounds for waste transfer stations and Cut/chip resistant compounds for Construction/demolition & steel works.

To offer our customers the best possible return on investment we require a site survey to accurately determine the correct tread and compound for each specific site.

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