In House Tyre Fitting

A Custom Tyre Fitting Service For You 

Its easy to fit a tyre if you have state of the art equipment and qualified Service technicians.  

Our tyre Industry experts determine the perfect match for your vehicle based on the tasks performed and how often it’s used. Application specific tyres ensure less down time and cost reductions to you and your business. You and your team will notice an improvement in the performance of your vehicle when the correct tyres have been installed

Our range of industrial tyres include:

  • Solid resilient tyres
  • Non marking tyres
  • Cushion press-on
  • Pneumatic tyres
  • Polyurethane products
  • TY solid resilient

Your tyre is one of the most important assets in your workplace. So don’t wait too long after you notice a bit of wear and tear on your tyres. Be proactive. Take your tyres to the nearest TFI location to get a replacement.

Need your industrial tyres fitted? Make an enquiry or call 1300 916 556 today.


Our Locations

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Ph: 08 8162 9344

Why choose TFI for industrial tyre fittings and replacements?

We are your one-stop specialists for tyre repairs and replacements. Since 1992, we’ve helped thousands of people get their s back to operating condition.

If you want premium quality tyres at a competitive price, we’ve got plenty to choose from. If you want knowledgeable service staff that speak your language, we can help.

We are dedicated experts when it comes to industrial tyres. With a combined 80+ years of experience between us, it’s safe to say we know a lot about the Australian tyre industry.

We have locations across Australia with access to an extensive national distribution network, we’ll always be able to supply and install the perfect tyre for your .

Contact us or call us on Make an enquiry or call 1300 916 556 to find out about our industrial tyre fitting.


On-site Tyre Fitting With Tfi

Affordable Prices And Expert Tyre Fitting Services

Tyre fitting is reasonably straight forward, and you can order the same tyres and replace them yourself if you know how. When you have a business to run, you can’t afford downtime and need your machine back on the job, fast. Often it is more efficient to call in the experts to take care of it for you.

If you have a tyre replacement situation and aren’t able to fit them yourself, we can come to you. We have mobile fitting trucks capable of pressing tyres on site. We can supply and fit tyres in capital cities whether it be your depot or your customer’s premises. A single press tyre can take as little as 15 minutes. We recommend you call ahead to order the correct stock for an on-site tyre fitting.

Our range of  tyres include:

  • Non-marking
  • Cushion Press On
  • Pneumatic
  • Polyurethane
  • TY solid resilient

Perhaps you have noticed wear and tear on your tyres, and they will need replacing soon. Our friendly team of experts are more than happy to attend at your location and replace them for you. TFI can also ship your tyre and rim nationwide within 24 hours, if you have staff who can fit the tyres themselves.

Arranging for a TFI tyre fitting expert to attend onsite has the added value of an assessment to make sure you have the correct tyres for your machine and the type of use.

Need on-site  tyre fitting?

Checking your tyres regularly will mitigate unwanted downtime. Our fitter will provide an assessment and a detailed, accurate quote for any replacement recommendations. We will work to fit in with the times that best suit your operations to minimise the disruption of being without equipment.

Replacing worn out tyres and maintaining your  tyres help ensure the safety of your drivers and keep your machines performing optimally.

TFI are your on-site tyre fitting experts

TFI have decades of experience in sourcing and supplying  tyres and rims, as well as  tyre fitting for a wide range of retail and commercial industries.

We have many locations around Australia to offer support, tyre fitting, inspections and exchange. Contact TFI for cost-saving and custom  tyre fitting solutions today.

Mobile tyre fittings

Our tyre experts can arrive at your workplace to carry out a new tyre fitting which eliminates valuable vehicle downtime.