Tradefaire & BKT Develop World-First Chain-Ready Underground Tyre

In a world first, Tradefaire International, BKT Tyres and Macmahon have developed chain-ready underground mining tyres that offer better protection even in the harshest of environments.

Available Australia-wide, these innovative tyre chains are the solution to many issues faced within the construction, agricultural and mining industries. Minimising downtime, operational costs and waste, these chain-ready underground tyres are the next generation in durable technology.

Launching in September 2022, Tradefaire International, BKT Tyres and Macmahon are excited to offer this revolutionary new product to businesses across Australia.

World First Chain Ready Underground mining tyre designed by Tradefaire International, BKT Tyres and Macmahon

The need for a chain-ready underground tyre

Tradefaire International and Macmahon recognised issues with traditional OTR mining tyres that required an innovative new design. These new chain-ready tyres address issues that have plagued the industry for many years.

Businesses no longer need to pay full price for OTR tyres only to buff down the tread to fit machinery. These specially manufactured chain-ready tyres are designed with adequate spacing for the chain, ensuring the tyres fit onto the equipment without requiring modifications. 

The costs associated with fitting chains to tyres, not to mention the downtime this causes businesses, drove Tradefaire International and BKT Tyres to create a much-needed chain-ready underground tyre solution.

The benefits of chain-ready OTR tyres

Smaller tyre design

The smaller design OTR mining tyres are more cost-effective to manufacture and these savings are passed on to customers, reducing operational costs.

Remove the need for buffing

Expenses are also reduced by removing the need for buffing. The new Tradefaire International and BKT Tyres chain-ready OTR tyres are manufactured to fit machinery without buffing down necessary tread.  

Minimise downtime

These tyres have effectively minimised the downtime required during tyre buffing. Simply install the chain to your mining tyres and continue production.

Reduce waste 

By removing the need to buff tyres, you will also reduce the environmental waste produced by your business. This change will positively impact the planet for the years to come. 

Close up image of World First Chain Ready Underground mining tyre designed by Tradefaire International, BKT Tyres and Macmahon

Our partners

Macmahon provides end-to-end mining services, including product development and the delivery of materials across Australia and Southeast Asia. Alongside Tradefaire International, Macmahon was eager to find a solution to the problems many businesses face within the mining, construction and engineering sectors. Macmahon is committed to promoting operator safety and helping to create a better future for the environment.

BKT Tyres has been one of the world’s biggest tyre manufacturers since the 1950s. BKT Tyres understands the needs of the mining, construction and agricultural industries and continues to develop unique and high-quality product ranges that cater for the most demanding climates and needs.

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In a world-first, businesses across Australia can upgrade the tyres on their machinery to a chain-ready underground tyre design not yet seen in the market.

With the chain-ready underground tyre available this September, the expert team at Tradefaire International is prepared to help improve the output of your operators. 

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