The 4 Types of Rubber Tracks & What They’re Used For


Selecting the right rubber tracks for your machinery is the best way to maximise operational efficiency while keeping costs down. The most appropriate rubber track pads for your needs will depend on the type of machinery you use, your day-to-day usage and the terrain you are working in.

Mini Excavator Tracks

Mini excavators can be equipped with either tyres or tracks, both of which have benefits and drawbacks, depending on the terrain and expected use.

Mini excavator tracks are able to bear the weight of the machine better than tyres, allowing operators to carry more excavated materials thereby improving the efficiency of tasks. By withstanding heavier loads, mini excavator tracks are often much better than tyres for construction and agriculture purposes as they are able to reduce wear and tear. This makes mini excavator tracks last longer and reduces the need for regular repairs and replacements.

Rubber tracks for mini excavators offer operators much more flexibility and versatility by being able to work on more sensitive surfaces such as finished landscaping and existing pavement. Conforming to all different types of terrain, choosing rubber tracks for mini excavators will allow operators to work more efficiently and comfortably on a day-to-day basis.

Tradefaire (TFI) rubber tracks
Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks

Compact Track Loader (CTL) Tracks

Compact track loaders (CTLs) require heavy-duty tracks are able to withstand the large amounts of stress experienced on worksites and farms.

CTLs are highly manoeuvrable machines that allow operators to access tight spaces and can operate in work conditions such as mud without greatly impacting the terrain. Businesses within the construction and agricultural industries require extremely high-quality CTL tracks that safely transfer heavy loads while providing traction and stability for the operator. 

It’s important to talk to the experts, such as Tradefaire International, when considering which rubber tracks are best suited for your application and compact track loader. Tracks can come in all different sizes and tread patterns, so chatting with your local rubber track suppliers about your needs will help ensure your operations are as efficient as possible.

While opting for rubber tracks for your compact track loader may feel like a big investment, CTL tracks are the superior option and will improve operations while minimising maintenance costs. 

Tradefaire (TFI) Compact Track Loader CTL Tracks
Compact Tracks Loader (CTL) Rubber Tracks

Multi Terrain Loaders (MTL) Tracks / ASV Posi Tracks

Multi terrain loaders (MTL) and ASV posi tracks operate best in harsh terrain that regular CTLs aren’t suited to. MTLs are built differently, featuring a suspended undercarriage design that allows machine operators to work in extremely difficult conditions and delicate terrains.

By selecting high-quality rubber tracks such as Trexell for your MTL, you help to ensure superior performance of both the machine and your operator.    

Additionally, ASV posi-track loaders, also known as tracked skid steers, offer better grip when fitted with the correct rubber tracks. Designed from the ground up, ASV posi-track loaders have minimal ground impact and maximum traction, while being hardy and long-lasting. This allows them to last 3-5 years longer than regular tyres. With extremely low ground pressure and clearance height, ASV posi-track loaders can work in areas that otherwise would be impossible on worksites and farms. 

Trexell dual belted rubber track, supplied by Tradefaire

Agricultural Tracks

The best agricultural tracks are designed to be ultra-durable in order to handle rugged Australian conditions. Agricultural rubber tracks can withstand heavy loads and frequent usage, while ensuring a comfortable ride. The cabin is designed to protect the operator from the elements, reducing the frustration of intense climatic conditions.

Premium agricultural tracks such as AGCO Challenger and John Deere can be installed on a variety of tractors or farm-related machinery. These brands help to improve operational efficiency by increasing tread surface area, allowing for wet weather work, reducing fuel consumption and power loss, and preventing the operator from skidding while driving.

At Tradefaire International, we supply a wide range of agricultural rubber tracks that have exclusively engineered tread lug patterns designed to reduce cutting and tearing from stress and vibration. Our Trexell agricultural tracks also have a form of tread that is made by a compound technique that results in 15% higher abrasion performance than regular tracks. 

Agricultural Rubber Tracks supplied by Tradefaire
Agricultural Rubber Tracks

Trusted Rubber Track Suppliers

The team at Tradefaire International is dedicated to improving operational performance by offering premium quality rubber tracks on construction and agricultural machinery.

As trusted rubber track suppliers, we offer businesses a free consultation to discuss their needs and provide a free quote on the best quality tracks available.   
To upgrade your excavator tracks and more, give us a call today on 1300916556 or fill out our online contact form and we will get back to you.