EM 936 has been specially designed for excavators and telehandlers in digging and loading operations. Besides, one size is particularly suitable for graders and loaders in grading, loading and transport applications.

EM 936 features outstanding riding comfort and enhanced self-cleaning properties. It also ensures a high level of handling comfort and provides excellent traction even under heavy-duty service conditions. Its “special” version is made of a special compound.

Tyre sizePly / Star ratingTread depth(MM)UNLOADED INFLATED DIMENSIONS */- 2%TKPH
Overall Width(mm)Overall diameter(mm)Max Load (kg's)Inflation Pressure (PSI)Load & Speed Index
8.25-2014 TT182751050206098133B-
9.00-2014 TT19.527510502500102140B-
10.00-2016 TT 23.527510503000109146B-
11.00-2016 TT24.527510503250105149B-
16.0/70-2014 TT23.52751050325051149B-
16.0/70-2414 TT29.52751050355051152B-
20-2412 TT29.52751050425037158B-