BKT Earthmax SR47

EARTHMAX SR 47 (E-4) is an All Steel radial tire specially designed for rigid haul trucks operating in conditions requiring maximum rock cut and puncture resistance. The E-4 tread depth and the unique tread design ensure long wear even on long hauls, thus reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Available in standard and cut-resistant compounds.

Tyre sizePly / Star ratingTread depth(MM)UNLOADED INFLATED DIMENSIONS */- 2%TKPH
Overall Width(mm)Overall diameter(mm)Max Load (kg's)Inflation Pressure (PSI)Load & Speed Index
18.00R33** CR64510188510900102191B168
18.00R33** STD64510188510900102191B204
18.00R33*** CR64510188512150116195B168
18.00R33*** STD64510188512150116195B204
21.00R33** CR67575200114000102200B227
21.00R33** STD67575200114000102200B270
21.00R35** CR68585204514500102201B261
21.00R35** STD68585204514500102201B305
24.00R35** CR73670218118500102209B244
24.00R35** STD73670218118500102209B300
24.00R35*** CR73670218120000116212B244
24.00R35*** STD73670218120000116212B300