Komatsu Rubber Tracks

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Looking for top-quality Komatsu Rubber Tracks in Australia? Look no further than TradeFaire Industries (TFI), the premier distributor of Komatsu Rubber Tracks. As an accredited Australian distributor of leading tyre and track brands, we are committed to delivering products and services that exceed industry standards. Explore our range of Komatsu Rubber Tracks and discover why TFI is your top choice.

Komatsu Excavator Tracks

Komatsu excavator tracks are rubber tracks specifically designed for Komatsu excavators. These tracks are an essential component of the excavator’s undercarriage system, providing traction and stability for the machine. Made from high-quality rubber compounds, Komatsu excavator tracks are durable and able to withstand the rigors of construction and earthmoving work.

Leading Komatsu Tracks Suppliers

Looking for the best Komatsu tracks suppliers in Australia? Look no further than TradeFaire Industries (TFI), your premier choice for high-quality Komatsu tracks. As a leading distributor of Komatsu tracks, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch products and services to our customers.

Why Choose Us?

Wondering what makes our excavator rubber tracks stand out in the field?

With years of experience in rubber track development, our products are designed to last. It’s our unwavering focus on quality and reliability that sets us apart.

Our expert technical team is dedicated to providing the correct rubber track fitting, ensuring maximum wear-life and minimal downtime. Compatible with major excavator brands our products feature closely spaced short pitch core bars. Our offset vibration-reducing patterns also help reduce wear and tear on your machine.

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Ready to learn more about our range of Komatsu tracks? Contact us today to speak with one of our experts and find the perfect tracks for your needs. Whether you need tracks for a single excavator or a whole fleet of equipment, we have the products and expertise to help. Get in touch with us now to get started. View our Komatsu Rubber Tracks Range


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of using Komatsu tracks?


Using Komatsu tracks offers several benefits, including improved traction, reduced ground pressure, and increased stability. These tracks are designed to withstand tough conditions and provide reliable performance.


How do I choose the right Komatsu tracks for my equipment?


Choosing the right Komatsu tracks depends on factors such as the model of your equipment, the type of terrain you’ll be working on, and your budget. Our experts can help you select the right tracks for your needs.


Are Komatsu tracks easy to install?


Yes, Komatsu tracks are designed for easy installation. However, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and use the right tools to ensure proper installation.