Everything You Need to Know About Compact Track Loaders

CAT Compact Track Loader CTL

Compact Track Loaders (CTLs) are a powerful type of machine that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Most often used in the construction industry, CTLs can transform a fleet with their superior performance in jobs such as landscaping, material handling and excavation.

With so many CTL options on the market, these miracle machines are an investment that can not only provide strong returns, but also last for the years to come if looked after with the proper outfitting and equipment. This guide covers the future of CTLs and why adding these to your fleet today can greatly increase efficiency.

The History of CTLs

CTLs were originally designed as specialty landscaping machines. They were seen as largely interchangeable with another piece of machinery known as a ‘skid steer loader’, which has similar capabilities and uses similar engineering resources in its design.

Over the years it became clear that CTLs would be the machine of choice for many workers due to their dedicated rubber-track undercarriages, which were ideal for use in industries ranging from agriculture to grade control.

Nowadays, Compact Track Loaders are one of the most popular loading machines – and for good reason. Modern CTLs excel in pushing power and have enhanced flotation and high traction, which has seen them work so successfully and efficiently that they have even taken the place of smaller dozers on some job sites. Manufacturers are now looking towards how to improve CTLs with greater size, power and productivity. 

The Future of CTLs

Levels of automation in the construction industry are increasing, and now CTL operators are looking to progress their investments even further using the latest tools and technology. John Deere is offering a revolutionary development with its new factory engineered CTL that integrates grade control technology to give the control system the ability to function like a crawler dozer. This is just one of many new developments breaking new ground in the CTL industry, and owners are understandably wanting more.

Moving forward, CTL owners can expect greater flexibility in their newer machines, as well as the ability to add features to existing machines within their fleet. Some of these features include speed-sensitive ride control, LED lights to assist side work, additional machine guarding, a hydraulic coupler, and even more innovations related both to the comfort of the cab interior and its overall performance. 

Get the Most Out of Your CTL

It’s important to remember that CTLs are an investment, and users should seek to protect that investment. This can be done with new technology, such as installing a coded security system to deter theft, or a rear view camera to provide better visibility during the tasks CTLs most often perform. 

When it comes to getting the most out of your CTL, as well as limiting routine wear and tear, you should look to your tracks. TFI offers a number of different tread patterns for CTL tracks. Some of the most popular track patterns in the construction industry are block treads with variations, such as C-lug, offset and broken bars. These patterns are widely regarded as being the best for performance and traction. On the other hand, zig-zag patterns tend to perform well in harsh terrains, such as snow, ice, sand and mud. For compact loaders, it is essential to ensure that rubber tracks provide good traction and stability. This will ensure the comfortable and safe transfer of heavy loads. 

Tradefaire International is Australia’s Leading CTL Rubber Track Supplier 

TFI offers quality solutions for CTLs and can upgrade your machine with the latest equipment. As a leading supplier, we understand the diverse needs of CTL owners and can personalise your experience to bring you the best compact track loader rubber tracks. Our products come in dozens of track sizes and tread patterns to ensure that you walk away with the perfect fit for your compact track loader. Give us a call today on 1300 915 078 or send an online contact form to get into touch with one of our professional team members today.