Rim Exchange Service 

What is a rim exchange?

An exchange of rims occurs when TFI fits new tyres to your vehicle. To save time, we have the new tyres already attached to new rims, so that both are fitted to the vehicle at once. Then we take the old rims off the vehicle and keep them as an exchange for the ones provided.

Why do you need a rim exchange?

By using a specialised service to exchange  rims, we minimise the amount of  down time you experience. So you can get back to work sooner.

When is the best time to change  rims?

If your rim is damaged or cracked, you are overdue for a change. Cracking rims is a sign that the tyres are well past their renewal due date. After a tyre wears down below the 60J line, its carrying capacity is significantly reduced. With much less rubber left on the tyre, any impact on the wheel transfers to the rim. The rim then cracks under pressure. So, always ask for an exchange before the tire reaches the 60J line.

Why choose TFI for a rim exchange?

  • TFI has over 1,000 rims in stock
  • Tyre and rim sets shipped nationwide
  • Orders shipped within 24 hours of ordering
  • Full set of 4 tyres changed in 10 to 15 minutes on-site
  • Minimal downtime for your machinery or vehicle 
  • Most makes catered for

By investing heavily in exchange rims, we can ship tyre and rim sets nationwide within 24 hours of ordering. Our rim exchange system enables us to change over a full set of 4 tyres in 10-15 minutes on site resulting in minimal downtime for your .


The process of exchanging  rims:

  1. Request

We receive your request for a rim exchange.

  1. Shipment and fitting

We ship your tyre and rim set within 24 hours. When we arrive at your location, we fit the new pre-pressed tyres and rims to your .

  1. Exchange

We take your old rims away with us.

  1. Back to work

Your vehicle or machinery returns to work after 10 to 15 minutes of exchange time.

To find out more about our rim exchange service, contact us today!