BKT Earthmax SR57

EARTHMAX SR 57 is an All Steel radial tire specially engineered for loaders, dozers and utility vehicles operating in underground mines. The tire provides superior traction, stability and comfort on severe and rocky surfaces. The L-5 extra deep tread and the specially formulated UMS (underground mine service) compound provide a longer tread wear in addition to extraordinary resistance to rock cuts, and punctures.

Tyre size Ply / Star rating Tread depth(MM) UNLOADED INFLATED DIMENSIONS */- 2% TKPH
Overall Width(mm) Overall diameter(mm) Max Load (kg's) Inflation Pressure (PSI) Load & Speed Index
7.50R15 * 46 223 845
8.25R15 * 47 240 880
12.00R20 * 56 318 1180
18.00R25 ** 80 515 1651